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We are a specialists provider of 24 hour live in care. In January 2011 NVQs and VRQs were replaced with these qualifications on the qualifications and credit framework (QCF). Workers who have already undertaken relevant NVQs have got legitimate qualifications that demonstrate competency. These qualifications will continue to be recognised but they are not available for new registrations. 

The OfQual database contains all qualifications and units written for the QCF for every sector.
(Source: Skills for care)

To maintain training excellence, we aim to deliver all of the relevant QCF modules along with a training environment that compliments the academics.

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Our Dementia training with a difference
QCF Training

We feel that’s its important for our dementia training to be as in-depth as possible. Our dementia training involves using a two-part system. Part one covers all of the basics and academics surrounding dementia, the condition, medical, equipment etc etc. Part two covers a hands on approach! We use lots of role-play and sometimes set a difficult and challenging environment for our training candidates. Dementia can sometimes be difficult and challenging for a dementia sufferer and as well as their carers and families.
We also invite any families that wish to join us in our training room for dementia training totally free of charge. By doing this, families are also able to take advantage of good training if their loved one has a newly diagnosed condition or if the family member has extensive experience of dementia, they can have the opportunity to share their real life experiences with carers who are going to be faced with dementia sufferers on a daily basis.

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Ventilation In A Modern Day World

It wasn’t a million years ago when home ventilation was not even heard of. Recent advances in modern technology have allowed people to be fully dependant on a ventilation machine whilst living an ordinary life at home and even allowing them to be out and about, doing the things they love doing. It was only recently that ventilators were the size and weight of your normal fridge freezer and used to make the most hideous of pumping noises! Although hospital ventilators have many more functions than a home ventilator, the principle is the same whereby they assist partly in breathing or totally in breathing. Home ventilators now even have the option of having a wet or dry circuit. This is an amazing piece of science that’s reliable, practical and gives back independence where this might otherwise be lost.
Advances in training have gone hand in hand with this sort of technology and have brought in to the equitation “extended roles for carers”. This means that carers can now be fully trained to be a lone worker for someone who is on home ventilation. This is a massive responsibility for non-nursing staff that requires good, professional and perfectly accurate training. Although it is highly unlikely it will ever happen, one of the main subject in our ventilation training is “using a BVM in the event of total ventilation failure” If the carer is confident and competent in doing this, the risks associated with this scenario are dramatically reduced, increasing mortality and elevating much of the worry and stress from both patient and family.
As part of the training we provide, we like to get over these sort of hurdles as early as possible, leaving the client and carer to go about their usual day, getting jobs done, shopping and having fun etc etc.

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