Our care service provides you with a practical alternative
to a residential care home or nursing home.
Hourly Care

Your carer will visit you within your own home, providing you with the care needs you have been assessed for. This could be a range of duties from light house keeping, companionship and support, full personal care (washing, dressing etc.) to full qualified nursing care. This kind of service gives families and friends the reassurance they need, knowing that the people most important to them are being well looked after within a safe and professional environment.

You will have the comfort of being cared for within your own home as well as having the advantage of brilliant continuity of care with carers that know and understand your individual needs. Our respite service also provides friends and families a short-term option so they can take holiday without the worry of bad or inconsistent care. This service may also be helpful when someone is returning home from hospital and needs short-term assistance. Going straight in to a nursing or residential home can be a big and very difficult step, so we would recommend that you try care at home as a first step alternative before leaving the environment you know best.

A carer will help with aspects such as washing, dressing, preparing meals and assisting to eat, taking medication, shopping, collecting prescriptions, night sits, night sleeps, getting up in the morning, going to bed at night and much more. A typical care package/care plan consists of 2 or 4 calls per day:

Morning call:

Assisting you to get up (using a hoist if needed), have a wash and get dressed, making you feel comfortable. We would make you a cup of tea and breakfast and you to take medication before leaving you set up for the day.

Lunch call:

Most lunch time calls consist of making a sandwich or microwave meal, a cup of tea, assisting with medication and leaving you comfortable until an evening call.

Evening/Tea time call:

This call is most probably the lighter of the three calls and will typically include making a cup of tea and providing a light snack or some biscuits, assist with medication, deal with continence care etc and make comfortable until the bed time call.

Bed time call:

This will be the last call of the day before a client retires and will include a light end of the day wash, teeth/dentures, medication, a drink and a snack if required, continence care etc., undress and get clothes ready for the morning, assisting back to bed(using any manual handling equipment in situ), attaching a catheter night bag if in situ and ensuring that our client is comfortable and ready for a good nights sleep.
Above is a good example of a typical domiciliary care day, however some of our carers and our nurses are trained to a higher level and are qualified to deal with aspects such as P.E.G feeding, suctioning, tracheostomy care, C-PAP ventilation, BI-PAP ventilation , basic and advanced life support, oxygen therapy and much more.We have our own on site QCF training center.
You may also like to know that Allied live in care provides night sitting, a night sleeping service as well as live in care and hourly care within Essex, Suffolk, Surrey, London and many more areas.

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