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About Allied Care and Nursing

Our very own in-house QCF training centre allows us to directly teach all of our team to standards that exceed those that are set by the industry regulator the CQC. By doing this sets a culture of going above and beyond the minimum as we feel this is what’s really needed to practically deliver care in a modern day society. It amazes how some companies are still being able to show a few videos, ask their candidates to tick some multi choice boxes and then issue certificates. That’s not our way!
All of our course (including all QCF subjects) are delivered using a real life trainer who have extensive knowledge of the subject they are delivering to their candidates. Although some subject maybe backed up with video content, our candidates are taught using trainers with the background and hands on experience to deliver excellence within the training room.

In many cases our training center is set up to mirror the layout of a clients lounge/home etc. This allows our candidates to be more aware of what to expect when going out and giving care in the real world. The reputation of our company depends of the quality of training we provide to our team. With this in mind we ensure that all carers know exactly what to do as soon as they reach a clients front door right through to handing over to another carer thus allowing seamless care to all of our clients

Exceeding CQC standards

Using their many years of experience, our senior managers and directors spot the tell tail signs as early as possible of people that want to get in to care but are either not ready, need further training or does not have the attitude required to be an excellent carer. For us, training certificates and a CRB (now DBS) are not merely enough to automatically qualify them to join our care company. Over and above ticking boxes, what’s really important to us is that people show us that they really and genuinely care for others and have no problem in going the extra mile to prove that. Using the right and very carefully selected questions on the first interview, we are able to determine if the candidate is a carer through and through and only then will we conceder them for our training programme. Our reputation is only as good as out staff!

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