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Allied Care and Nursing caters for children, adults and the elderly with a wide range of requirements.

These requirement may be just companionship right through to advanced complex care such as managing a ventilator. What ever your care needs, please call us for an informal chat today.

Operated by qualified nurses with a combined health care experience of over 30 years. We understand the needs and concerns clients and families have about using community care services. With this in mind we continually tailor our service to their individual needs and wants. We pride ourselves on providing carers that understand clients well, use great communication and have a genuine interest in giving brilliant care to people who need it. Our carers speak your language! Our respite Care is a service that is there to give you the opportunity to rest and recharge your batteries. It also works if your own health deteriorates or you are admitted to hospital yourself.  We pride ourselves in providing local carers to local clients who like to see a familiar and friendly face rather than having different carers from day to day. Unlike many other companies, we concentrate only on private sector care so that you are not on an overfilled round whilst wondering who and when the carer will arrive.

Aside from the physical impact, spinal cord injury can have a significant psychological impact on the person with the injury and their family.

Using their many years of experience, our senior managers and directors spot the tell tail signs as early as possible of people that want to get in to care but are either not ready, need further training or does not have the attitude required to be an excellent carer.

We feel that’s its important for dementia training to be as in-depth as possible. Our dementia training is done using a two-part system.

Its wasn’t a million years ago when home ventilation was not even heard of! Recent advances in modern tec have allowed people to be fully dependant on a ventilation machine whilst living an ordinary life at home and even allowing them to be out and about, doing the things they love doing.

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